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"Born to be Wild" pgs.1-2
"Born to be Wild" pgs.3-4

"Born to be Wild" is a short double spread comic I made as part of my college thesis, "Many Deaths." This was the opening four pages and was really just an excuse to draw dinosaurs and use a funky grid panel layout. I'm a big fan of Jesse Lonergan and a fledgling fan of Chris Ware, so trying to make a funky semi-grid layout is always something I want to try. Bluntly, the whole thing is about death and change being the entire history of Earth. The project it was originally a part of was all about the positive aspects and world views on death, so starting off with this felt appropriate. If you're reading this and ever want to talk, please ask me about all these extinct animals. I picked a few favorites to include in here.

The text in "Born to be Wild" is a song by Steppenwolf of the same name. I really like Steppenwolf and kind of imagined the asteroid singing this song as it hits Cretaceous-era Earth when I was drawing it. Plus, it works well with the theme/message/concept behind it anyway.

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