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Black Knight, Mankind's Death Avatar and Natural Guardian
Alloy, 1st Child of Mankind
Ballistics, 2nd Child of Mankind
Atomics, 4th Child of Mankind
Nerve, 3rd Child of Mankind and the Twisted Breath of Earth
Black Knight title banner

BLACK KNIGHT is all about humanity's struggles to find its place in the world and what its role should be as a unique species. An avatar for natural death, Black Knight is a distant but benevolent grim reaper grappling with mankind and mankind's most violent children. Spanning all of human history and human future, BLACK KNIGHT is an attempt to explore nature's place in human cultural and physical evolution as well as what a balance between people and planet might look like. 

"There is a mission for you, Death. The humans have run rampant for too long, overwhelming you and themselves. Your children, these man-made weapons, must be sought out and stopped. Destroyed if possible. If they become more powerful than they are now, the fear is life's final annihilation." 

-Earth to Black Knight (Book 1)


Black Knight - BK Character Sheet 1
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